Our focus is on the client

ISO consultants of our organization do not act as an external entity that comes, spends some time and leaves. Our ISO consultants become part of your organization and an inherent member of your implementation team and drive the process through true leadership. ISO Consultants of our organization are unique through their education, experience, and competence. We are proud to have one of the best and competent team for ISO certification having technical experts with unmatched industrial experience and exposure to the ISO consulting life cycle covering implementation, training, documentation and certification.

IRQS is experineced at working with many accredited registrars of ISO systems, and can reccomend an appropriate registrar whose processes match a clients culture.

When you work with our ISO consultants, the result is simple. Successful certification in the least possible time with the highest effectiveness of the ISO standard you have implemented resulting in top line growth and bottom line improvements.

Our clients always achieve their certification goal.